Our Team

Who are the people behind the Center?

The ABRC team is composed of both Faculty and Students within the School of Business Administration. The Faculty are experts in diverse fields within Business. Both undergraduate and graduate students from different majors can be members of the center. This allows for effective collaboration and multi-disciplanarity.

Our Faculty Members

Dr. Abderrahman Hassi

Associate Professor of Management
Co-Founder & Coordinator of ABRC

Call: (+212)-535-862-334

Email: a.hassi@aui.ma

Dr. Imad Jabbouri

Assistant professor of Accounting and finance
Co-Founder & Coordinator of ABRC

Call: (+212)-535-862-371

Email: I.Jabbouri@aui.ma

Dr. Adil Akaaboune

Assistant Professor in Supply Chain Management & Operations Management

Call: (+212)-535-862-437

Email: A.Akaaboune@aui.ma

Dr. Yassine Benrqya

Assistant Professor of Supply Chain Management

Call: +(212)-535-862-318

Email: Y.Benrqya@aui.ma

Dr. Youssef Chetioui

Assistant Professor of Marketing and Management Sciences

Call: (+212)-535-862-382

Email: Y.Chetioui@aui.ma

Dr. Gürsel Ilipinar

Assistant Professor of Marketing

Call: (+212)-535-862-472

Email: g.ilipinar@aui.ma

Dr. Hind Lebdaoui

Assistant Professor of Finance

Call: (+212)-535-862-320

Email: H.Lebdaoui@aui.ma

Dr. Harit Satt

Assistant Professor of Accounting and Finance

Call: (+212)-535-862-322

Email: h.satt@aui.ma

Dr. Kawtar Abouhazim

Assistant professor of Marketing

Call: (+212)-535-862-374

Email: K.Abouhazim@aui.ma

Dr. Muhammad Ikram

Assistant Professor of Management

Call: (+212)-535-869-999

Email: I.Muhammad@aui.ma

Dr. Tamanna Adhikari

Assistant professor of Economics and statistics

Call: (+212)-535-862-308

Email: T.Adhikari@aui.ma

Our Student Members

Abderrahmane Bahmida

MBA student

Jad Benabbou

AUI Student

Rania Boumahdi

MBA Student

Nour ElHouda Chaibi

Marketing & Communication Student

Amine Hassi

AUI Student

Rita Lafkir

AUI Student

Youssef Sayagh

MBA Student

Ataweel Taha

AUI Student

Amal Tlamti

MBA Student

Imane El Hanine

AUI Student

Nissrine Hachimi

AUI Student

Karim Bahoum

AUI Student

Sahl El khamkhami

AUI Student

Sabrina De Marco

AUI Student

Asmae Guemrani

AUI Student

Chaimae Jerboui

MBA Student

Yvan Junior Irambona

AUI Student

Lina Nadiri

AUI Student

Chaymae Boudraa

AUI Student

Discover Our Publications

Our Center works on producing different types of publications. The Center publishes Journal articles, books, book chapters, case studies, and reports.

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