About Us

Our Mission

The mission of Al Akhawayn Business Research Center (ABRC) is to provide a research platform, particularly to SBA faculty and students as well as the AUI community in order to investigate important research topics using a multidisciplinary and/or interdisciplinary approach. ABRC would also contribute to strengthening SBA’s academic reputation locally and globally. 

Our Vision

To become a business knowledge hub and the leading academic business research unit in Morocco and the Maghreb region.

Our Purpose

The ABRC aim is three-fold:

  1. to channel SBA research efforts and seek synergy effects by joining forces of several actors;
  2. to promote capacity building of undergraduate and graduate students and faculty in business research that has a local impact and global reach;
  3. to encourage wider dissemination of research carried out by SBA members locally and internationally through various channels such as Al Akhawayn International Business Conference.

Our Approach

The ABRC approach is to conduct multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary business research in Morocco and the MENA region about a specific theme or topic from different business perspectives such as accounting, economics, finance, MIS, management, marketing organizational behavior and supply chain.

Given the complexity of business reality, ABRC commits to adopt cross-disciplinary approaches to address challenges and seize opportunities.

A distinctive feature of the ABRC approach is to reach out to our students by actively involving them in business research with the objective to build their research capacity, hone their knowledge and expand their horizons.

ABRC will also engage in collaborations and partnerships with national and international organizations and individual actors, which will allow placing local, domestic and regional business issues and priorities at the core of international debates.

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Al Akhawayn University

P.O Box 104, Hassan II Avenue, 53000 Ifrane, Morocco

Contact Information

Call: +212 (0)-535-862-000

Email: abrc@aui.ma